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About Forgiveness

What is an apology?
How is forgiveness substantially different to an apology?
How is “sorry” a middle ground, but not quite as disarming as forgiveness?
What is forgiveness?
How is a healthy understanding of these methods of reconciliation life altering and deeply spiritual?
Any offense is an act of abused power.In some cases, the offense comes from an individual whose life, thoughts or actions, do not hold any influence over me.In other situations, it isn’t the individual whose actions have offended me as much as how a system has allowed the individual to offend.Therefore, the power of the institution was somehow ineffective in controlling what I would see as an otherwise insignificant action as offensive.We see it as a breach of power allowed by some other body entrusted to keep these types of individuals under control.An example would be a protest.We’re not necessarily offended by the individuals involved in the action, we’re offended by the notion that the ideas presented are allowed o…